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Spontaneous vs Methodical

While describing myself, I’ve always wanted to declare “I’M SPONTANEOUS!”

But I’m not.

For a long time I always thought this was detrimental.  Everyone wants to declare that they live life on the edge with nothing holding them back. But when 1 door shuts, another door opens.

This is when I realized I’m methodical, not spontaneous.  Just because I’m not “spontaneous” doesn’t mean that I don’t have other beneficial qualities that compliment my lack of spontaneity.  This is when I decided to analyze the main difference of the two characteristics:

Spontaneous – Open for Change

Those who fly by the seat of their pants, live on the edge, etc etc are open for change.  In a work environment, this is a quality that every leader looks for.  With technology arising and a downturn in the economy, companies are consistently changing and trying to efficiently run a business.  They need employees who handle change positively.  Essentially, change is inevitable, and a person who can posses the quality to accept change easily may be a better candidate for a position.

Methodical – An Organized Planner

A person who is methodical thinks about any possible consequence before it can possibly happen.  In addition to the consequence, they think about how to handle the consequence should it happen.  Granted, it may be more work than necessary, but methodical people think through the details before implementation.  This could save a company a tremendous amount of money by eliminating mistake and the time it takes to repair.  Efficiency in any company is key, and methodical thinkers provide detailed analysis before choosing a conclusion.

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  1. I think having an extreme of either is bad. Oh, and I’m hoping you get extra points for someone not in your class following this! 😀

    • haha Thank you Jenn! Extra Credit here I come 🙂 Thanks for the comment! I hope you’re thinking about an AWESOME guest post from a UNR-IS-Student-Turned-Law-School-Student perspective 🙂

  2. Cheng Chih Lin/Robert

    Many people said I am a methodical person and I am glad, but now I am thinking of I am gonna change a bit.

    • Robert, I agree with you. I wish I could be spontaneous, but being methodical is still a very good quality to have! Like Jenn said above, just not in extremes. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Can you be methodically spontaneous? or even spontaneously methodical? oh and Happy Birthday!


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