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I have always been that girl who is attached to her cell phone and laptop.

  • Family Christmas
  • Vacations
  • At home on the couch

You name it.

Because of this, I have actively been trying to keep my laptop usage to a minimum.  I realize I have a problem, my family thinks I am a technology addict.  This fueled my desire to pry myself away from my laptop at all times.

And I decided to make this change slightly before I started a class that basically requires me to have constant computer access.  If it’s not computer access, then it is cell phone access.

I recently just celebrated my birthday, and for my birthday I am on a mini-vacation in Oregon skiing the beautiful Mt. Bachelor.  And the entire time, what am I worried about?


I rushed to my phone in a panic to try to tweet my required 3 tweets per day just to realize it is the weekend (thank GOODNESS) and tweeting isn’t mandatory.

However my 3 blogs per week are still mandatory, and as of now I only have 2 blogs posted, a barely-there internet connection, and very little time between skiing and driving.  When on earth am I going to get these blogs posted???  I considered asking if I could run to McDonalds to find a Wi-Fi connection in order to get my blogs posted.  I then realized that not only have I not succeeded in prying myself away from my technology, however I seem even more crazy absurd for requesting McDonalds simply for their internet.

I’m curious if there is anyone else out there who attempts to blog while they’re traveling, however have difficulties due to lack of time and no internet connection.  How do you manage??

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  1. Happy Birthday and have fun skiing at Mt. Bachelor.
    I am working on a blog using WordPress the site you use and my class instructor recommends as the best for new users. Thanks for keep in touch. What is your area of focus for your Master Degree?

    • Thank you for the comment, Beverly! I am becoming more familiar with WordPress for my class as well, and I actually really like it! How are you enjoying it?
      I am currently pursuing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in Information Systems. I received my undergrad degree in Information Systems which is something I really enjoy learning about 🙂

  2. This blog just made me laugh. You have so much personality and voice showing through on your blogs Ashley! Keep it up, entertaining stuff!


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