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Gas prices are increasing.

Grocery bills are growing.

The economy is stressed.

I have mentioned in an earlier post that I believe it is important to save for the future and ensure that my savings account consistently grows.

In order to accomplish this, it is important to set a budget.  But WHY is it so hard to set a budget?  I have the most difficult time of sticking to budgets I create for myself.  I find myself thinking, “I don’t have enough time to budget this week.” and that’s when it stops.

The other day I went grocery shopping and decided to stick to the deals/promotions I had researched.

I saved $14 and only spent $12!!!

With that being said – I believe I will start my budget again.  I find I save so much money and my savings accounts grows significantly when I put in the effort.

What does everyone else do to maintain their budget?  Tips?  Tricks?


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  1. Ashley

    I just wrote a blog called 6 Easy Ways to Save a Couple Bucks. I too have trouble setting a budget and staying within it. At the same time though, I’m a total cheap-o when it comes to spending money. I hate spending money on certain things! So maybe you’ll find some of my money saving tips helpful.


  2. Ashley,
    I find it helpful to force myself to stick to my grocery list, especially if I am grocery shopping at Super Target where there is an electronic section, books, games, clothes, etc. I also find it helpful to clip coupons from the sunday paper, but only for things already on my list! Great post.

  3. Ashley, I need help. It seems like I cn do a really good job of monitoring my spending 95% of the time and then I blow it on something random. For example, I’ll by Coco Roos instead of Cheerios to save 38 cents. But then buy a thirty pack, cause I’m bored. I know the tricks, but enforcing them is hard.

    • I do the same! Isn’t it annoying? “look at all of this money I just saved- let’s go spend it.” Enforcing a budget and not deviating is possibly the hardest part. Thanks for the comment, Matt!

  4. A couple ways to save $ at the grocery store is to pay attention to price per unit (oz., lb. etc). It’s usually located at the top left corner of the price tag on the shelf. Sometimes, if an item is cheaper than another but has a higher price per unit, it just means the amount you get in the package is less. I usually always by the store-brand products too. Almost always cheaper, and usually tastes the same!

    • Michelle – great idea! That’s very true – you want to see what you’re paying for the amount you’re receiving, I can see how that would make a big difference. Thank you!

  5. Rachel Paulsen

    I found the best way to budget is to look at all of the money that I have coming in for the month, and plan out where it is all going. That way I know that I have all of my bills covered, and I have money going into my savings account, and I don’t leave anything out of the budget which helps me a lot.


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