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Twitter Chats – Networking on Steroids

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Twitter chats have become one of my new favorite addictions guilty pleasures.  They’re a great way to meet new people with similar values and goals. Participating in a Twitter chat is very similar to networking, however you meet a multitude of people simultaneously as opposed to one-at-a-time-awkward-conversation networking events.  Interaction and participation is highly conducive to new relationships, additional followers, and numerous new ideas/tips.

Find the right chat

I have found it is important to find the chats that are most important for you.  I participate in #blogchat, #u30pro (new one) and #leadHERchat.  There are chats for technology enthusiasts, marketing gurus, celiac’s disease sufferers, and so many more.  Take a few minutes to google a chat you’d be interested in – I guarantee you’ll find one!

Meet the right people

I found out about the chats I participate in from other people I have met on Twitter.  Diana Antholis (@DianaAntholis) turned me on to #blogchat.  While participating in #blogchat, I met Christine Cavalier who introduced me to the #u30pro chat – a chat for professionals under 30 (or over 30 if you so wish!).

Choose the right resource

I personally use TweetChat to participate in the Twitter chats.  It allows you to pause, increase/decrease update speed, and post directly to the chat.  It makes it really easy to follow the quick paced chats.  I have also heard of other resources such as TweetGrid to stay up-to-date with the chats, but I personally enjoy the simplicity of TweetChat.

I highly recommend anyone participate in a Twitter chat.  I have met some great people and learned many new ideas.  It must be good enough to blog about, right?


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  1. Hi there!
    My favorites are #careerchat on Tuesdays at 1pm EDT
    And #leadfromwithin on Tuesdays at 8pm EDT (I will be co-hosting on 4/12)
    There is also #genychat on Wednesdays at 9pm EDT

    And a million others but those are the main ones I do.
    Glad I could help you a little bit! #blogchat goes so fast, usually I end up just watching and learning

    • I wish I could participate in the #careerchat but there’s no way I can tweet at work. Lame right?! Thank you for the other list of chats! I have a reminder set for the #genychat this Wednesday 🙂 Thank you for the comment!

  2. Sounds fascinating, and it never occurred to me (but then, I’m coming late to the whole social media parade). I’ll have to check into it, soonest. Thanks.

  3. Ashley – Thanks for sharing this info and your insight. I also just stumbled upon u30pro as well and am pretty exited to find groups like them through twitter chats.

    The people and and information available through twitter chats are incredible resources and the connections made are invaluable.

    If you come across any new chats for younger professionals please keep all of us updated!

    • Steven- most definitely! It’s nice to find someone else from our class interested in the twitter chats! I find that the young professional ones are hard to find which is surprising. Thank you for the comment!

  4. Thanks for the info Ashley, I was skeptical, but I’ll give them a try!

  5. Great stuff Ashley!
    I’ve been a bit intimitated by the twitter chats, but will give it a try! You made such a good case 🙂


    • Jaana – if anything you can sit back and read the conversations or transcripts. I just find that it’s a really good way to network 🙂 Just don’t forget! I find it’s really easy to accidentally miss the chats unless you’re plugged in to Twitter 24/7!

  6. Ashley- great info! Thanks for bringing me onto the Chat Wagon! I hope to make some great contacts to and learn more about my field!

  7. Ashley- Great stuff, Thanks for sharing, this something I’ll totally give a try

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