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How to Survive a Busy Day

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Who would have though that April is a busy month (for non-accounting people)?  It’s not the end/beginning of the year.  There’s nothing spectacular about April.

But I have been SLAMMED.  Have you ever had so much work in your queue that you don’t even have to stop to think, “Hmm what should I work on next?”

That’s my life these days.

I took a few minutes today to think about the ways I try to maintain my cool during these extremely busy-for-random-reason days.


As I have mentioned before, make a list for the day.  What things do you HAVE to get done?  Are there any deadlines specific for the day?  If there is any hope for partial sanity – a list will provide this hope.  It’ll help keep you on track and remind you of the direction you should be heading.


I am one of those people that acts a complete fool when I get incredibly slammed/busy.  I talk to myself, I walk in circles, I make faces at my computer, I talk in a Southern accent (it helps – honest).  And to me, it all makes sense.  Sometimes I find though it is important to talk to someone and simply laugh about the ridiculous-ness my day has become with random rants and silly faces.  It is a refreshing 5 minute break to gain some sanity which results in more productive work.  I like to think of it as a mental health break.


Take those breaks!!  I know it is easier to work through the breaks and take a short lunch, but you’ll end up resenting the day.  By taking necessary breaks during stressful-jam-packed days, you can let your brain rest and be more productive (as mentioned above) than being break-deprived.  I find that I am always ready to seize the afternoon after I’ve had a relaxing lunch where I have time to just breathe and give my brain a rest.

Thank You

You think you’re busy?  You’re not the only one.  Take a few minutes out of your day to thank someone who you have been working with closely.  Whether it is a boss or co-worker, say “Thank you.”  They may have been just as busy (if not more) and would greatly appreciate the recognition.  This provides for a “feel good” feeling at the end of the day.

Leave work at work!

I find that when I come home at the end of a long day, I can only think about who I may have forgotten to email or a task I wasn’t able to complete.  For sanity’s sake – leave work at work!  When you get home take that time to unwind and relax.

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  1. Rachel Paulsen

    I love this article especially since we are coming to the end of the semester in just three short weeks. The advice is great, and encompasses so many of the things we forget to do when we are stressed and have so much work it seems impossible to finish. Thanks for the great article.

  2. Great tips and reminders Ashley! 🙂

  3. Good stuff Ashley, I have to say my number 1 is Lists. Without lists i don’t know how anyone can keep track of many different things at once.

    I was in an interview a while back and we asked the candidate, “how do you remain organized and keep track of many different items at one time”. The response was “I have a planner but I don’t really use it, I’m good at keeping it all in my head”. Not a very successful answer to that question.

    • “I keep it all in my head” is the number one way to forget those small important details! Plus – you can’t prioritize accordingly when everything is in your head. I love hearing all of your interviewee responses to questions 🙂

  4. College students are notoriously busy — along with classes, many of us juggle internships, jobs, volunteering, and other various activities
    • Prioritize
    • Make a to do list.
    • Schedule everything.
    • Know when to multitask.
    • Do not be afraid to quit something.
    • Finally, breathe.
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