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Work + School + Friends = Possible?

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I go to school.

I work full time (plus some).

It’s a busy life.

One thing that I have a really hard time with is relating to friends who may be working full time and not going to school, or not even working full time.  I have this incredibly busy schedule that is filled with work deadlines on top of school deadlines.  Balancing the two is not an easy task.

What is even harder, is balancing work, school, AND friends.  Friends who may not understand the time and effort it takes to get your MBA.  Friends who are always bored on the weekends with nothing to do, when I’m busting my booty finishing homework or catching up on everything I fell behind on during the week (laundry, cleaning, sleep….).

I know I can at least relate to a majority of the people I go to school with – they work and go to school full time as well (and some even have children!), but it is my social group that I am having a hard time with.  I wish it was easier, but my priority is school and work – not social life.

It’s hard re-prioritizing life…  I would be interested to see how others may attempt to balance a social life with work and school.  To me, it seems impossible.

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  1. I REALLY appreciate this post. When I was working full time + interning + a full time student and wasn’t out at bars with my friends they acted so offended… It’s very frustrating to be an undergrad with friends who don’t work or care about interning to pursue future opportunities. For that reason, I’ve lost touch with a lot of friends… however, I have to say it’s (overall) been a positive! I feel so much less pressure worrying about if I don’t spend time with someone, I’ll upset them and things like that. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will find like-minded people who appreciate your dedication! 🙂

    • I definitely agree that you need to find like-minded people! It is hard when friends only want to party, but I think the biggest thing is regret. I don’t/won’t regret giving up parties for work. I think hard work and effort will get me where I want to be in life; partying won’t. It’s just hard getting the guilt trip from friends – I’m glad you can relate!! Not many people can it feels like. Thank you for the comment!


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