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Overworked? My Outdoor Therapy

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We climbed that!

I remember reading an article giving tips to avoid overworking and to recognize signs.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that article anymore.

One of the tips the article mentioned was to USE YOUR PTO in order to prevent workplace burnout.  This really stuck with me – I realized that a day or two off sounded extremely nice and thought I should take the advice of the article.

So I did.

A girlfriend of mine invited me to stay for an extended weekend in Yosemite (in a CABIN!) so I jumped at the chance!  I took two days off work to spend time with some friends in a beautiful National Park.  It never felt better and more rewarding to have been so busy at work (and school) and to reward myself with a nice little jaunt to Yosemite.

It made me realize that PTO really is important to use.  It allows you to catch up on sleep (unless you wake up at 5am for a hike where you got sunburned and every joint in your body hurts from the day’s hike/bush-whacking), revitalize, and gain back needed energy.

I had such a wonderful weekend without cell phone reception and laptops.  Much needed.

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  2. Great information! I’m glad to see you take your own advice! It’s so important to take care of yourself first and foremost, then you can do what you need to and handle all that “life” throws at you! You still amaze me, I am so very proud of you! M

  3. I have CRAZY Yosemite stories. Maybe I’ll turn it into a blog post. 🙂


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