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I couponed a little…

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I’m obsessed with coupons!!  … but I never use them.

I’m obsessed with finding the best deal with store promotions combined with coupons.

But by the time I even THINK of using the coupons I’ve meticulously compiled, the store promotion is over and my “deal” is no longer a deal.

Today I used some coupons!!  And I am incredibly proud.  I may not have gotten the best deal, but it’s a deal to me and I’m stoked!

See my deals below (FYI – RR = Register Rewards at Walgreens; BOGO = Buy One Get One)

Colgate ProWhite Toothpaste (X2)

  • Regularly $4.99
  • On Sale for $3.00
  • Coupon for $.75 off
  • Promotion Buy 2 get $4 RR
  • Like spending $.25 per toothpaste

L’Oreal Vive Pro Shampoo

  • Regularly $4.99
  • On Sale for $2.99
  • Coupon for $1.00 off
  • Big deal for me when I am used to spending $25 on shampoo…

Blue Diamond Almonds (YUM!)

  • Regularly $3.59
  • BOGO

Total Spent:  $10.77 (with tax)

Total Saved:  $16.07 (including RR)

Woo Hoooo!  I really am excited.

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  1. Ashley

    You’re like me! I’ve fallen for couponing as well. Let me suggest an excellent couponing website/blog called Couponing 101. It’s all about “realistic couponing,” not the extreme stuff you see on TV (that’s more like hoarding if you ask me). Make sure you sign up for their daily newsletter. They send you an email everyday with information about printable coupons and store sales. I can’t tell you how much stuff I’ve gotten for FREE because of this newsletter. Let me know what you think!


    • Ah hey thanks Eric! What grocery store do you go to most? I’ll have to sign up for their newsletter! I’ve started to realize the “Extreme” couponing is a little too much for me – I don’t agree with the stockpiles and the lengths people will go through to get 100 bottles of vitamin water. A little crazy. But I’ve started buying the Sunday newspaper and I get so excited to see what deals there are! I haven’t gotten anything for “free” yet though so you’ve one-upped me!

  2. Sorry. It doesn’t look like my link works. Just Google “Couponing 101” and it should be the first site.

  3. Some good suggestions here, especially for somebody who’s on an extremely tight budget. Thanks.


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