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I tried to take a photo of the dirty tables...

I had a chance to try out a different pizza location in Reno today.  We have some AWESOME pizza places (in my opinion at least).  My boyfriend and I had heard good things about Pizza Plus so we decided to give it a try.

The pizza was good.  Decent.  Nothing to make me phone home about.  Nothing to rave about.  And the salad bar (MY FAVORITE) was quite puny (they didn’t even have olives).  Bummer.

But the real experience came from the actual location.  It was difficult to find anywhere to sit!  Not because the place was packed – there were actually only 2 other parties eating during my search for a table.  There was no where to sit because not a single table had been cleaned.  Each table/booth all had old pizza remains, paper plates, and pizza trays scattered.  Everywhere.

I was shocked to see this place so dirty.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe they had a huge rush that just left.  So as I sat eating my pizza and salad I waited for one of the staff behind the counter to start cleaning the tables.  Nothing.  And by the time we left?  Nothing.

It just got me thinking – how are businesses like this staying afloat when several other hard working businesses are struggling to survive?  I want to give my business to an honest venue that strives to do whatever they can for their customer.  I’ve been in business school for several years now and have met entrepreneurs that have this “do whatever it takes to make the customer happy” mentality.  They’re extremely successful – and for good reason.

Everything was decent except the atmosphere and experience.  In this economy, experience is everything.  People will pay an absurd amount of money just for a pleasant experience.

Just as Starbucks.

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