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In my last Saturday class for the MBA program last semester, I had a substitute teacher (see blog post) who dared to bring up the topic of a glass ceiling for women.  Perhaps one day I will write a blog post about my feelings toward the glass ceiling – but today what I would like to share is what this professor said women need to do in order to overcome the glass ceiling.  What he said was not the typical advice I’m used to hearing, nor the advice I wanted to hear.

What he said to the ladies in the class was:

“You need to act like a man.”

I’m still not sure how I feel about this advice.  I know women who are wonderful leaders that do not “act like a man” which is what makes them amazing leaders.  I also know women who shoot-the-shit with the men, don’t-put-up-with-crap like the men, and and tend to dress/look like the men as well.  They’re also amazing leaders.

I’m currently reading a book I received as a gift from my step-dad called, “It’s Always Personal” by Anne Kreamer.  This book has mentioned this same topic a couple of times so far.  I look forward to finishing the book and writing a book review.  When I am done i hope to develop my own opinion regarding this topic.

For now – I am less than impressed by the advice.  I am excited to report back when I finish my book with my new-opinion on this topic.

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  1. I think your observations are right on about women acting in different ways can be fabulous leaders. In my work with emerging women leaders, I encourage authenticity. If you are a super feminine and sensitive women, trying to act like a man can be not only overwhelming and dissatisfying but disingenuous. Great leaders have integrity, and this is not something that would exist if you were trying to be something you are not. I believe strongly that the more authentic we are as leaders, the better and more successful the leader we can be.

    Is corporate America ready for this, yes. We live in a time where the tide is changing and recognizing women’s abilities, talents and qualities that may be different from the mainstream corporate leader is happening now. Since we are at the beginning of this evolution, it can be a challenge, and not all businesses are there yet. My purpose is to support women to be their authentic selves and in this way gain success which goes beyond title and paycheck.


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