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Leaders – Born or Bred?

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In my summer school class, my group has been assigned a group project of researching whether leadership traits and behaviors are instilled in someone at birth, or if the traits and behaviors are something that can be taught in class/training sessions.

I have always been fascinated by Nature vs. Nurture – I have my personal opinions but I am always amazed at how typical scenarios in life play out.  For example, I have similar behaviors as my parents, but I personally believe that on a larger scale I am much different than both my mom and dad.

I am very analytical and love puzzle problems.

I can be emotional at times.

I am easily stressed, but I am stress-powered (give me stress, I’ll get sh*t done).

My mom is an easy-going, earth loving, always happy hippie.

My dad is a total Type-A-can-never-be-bored social butterfly.

I am neither of these!  Keep in mind – I was adopted.  I like to believe my personality traits can be found somewhere between my biological mother and biological father – somewhere out there (beneath the pale moonlight, of course).

However, what I did receive from both of my parents are my values which drive my attitude.  I believe in working hard to earn success.  I believe in returning something borrowed in better condition than you received it (ie:  don’t return a car on an empty tank of gas).  I think money management is vital.  Smile as often as you can.  And be a great friend/family member.

With all of that being said, at the end of this summer session I hope to have developed a more thorough and researched opinion of whether leadership qualities are something we can learn and study and develop, or if these qualities are genetic.

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  1. I think leaders can be bred through being in instance after instance where nobody steps up. I don’t think I was born a leader, but I feel like I have become one in some ways. But I totally agree with your statement that you should never bring something back in a worse condition than it was in when you got it…people who return cars with a full tank are a dying breed, but with higher gas prices, it sends an even better message nowadays!

    • If leaders could be bred, I suppose we wouldn’t have classes dedicated to leadership right? I agree that I don’t believe I was born a leader, however my experiences have shown me how to behave like one. I’m glad someone else agrees with returning an item in better condition than borrowed! I feel like that attribute died off with Gen X. Such a shame.


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