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Delegating = Convenient?

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What is convenience worth?  I come from two different families: My dad is a person who is hellbent on doing everything himself.  Why get your car washed when you can save a buck and wash it yourself?  My step-dad is a person who is adamant about paying an extra buck for the convenience of having someone else wash your car and do a better job than you can do yourself in half the time.

Is one better than the other?

My boyfriend’s family spent the ENTIRE weekend installing a sprinkler system.  2 days later they have a complete sprinkler system for about $1000 cheaper than contracting it out.  The drawbacks?

  • There is mud everywhere
  • 2 days “wasted”
  • Sweat, blood, and tears
  • Dirty clothes
  • Several trips to home depot
  • Mistakes are made
  • You have to rent and return your equipment
  • And so much more.

So the question of the day right now is:  Is the convenience of paying an extra $1,000 worth the hassle as opposed to the above drawbacks?  I believe some personalities have a “get ‘er done” attitude.  I realized that this same type of personality can be relayed back to managers and leaders.  Some leaders choose to delegate all of their work.  Why work extra hours when you can pass this work off onto someone else?  However, by delegating work, you may have a report completed much quicker than had you done it yourself and with less errors.  Other leaders choose do to all of the work themselves and to take on tasks to avoid slamming their staff with “yet another” assignment.  While their staff may appreciate their leader’s effort to contribute to the team, the same situation as above can occur:  a report or assignment could be created with more errors and not as timely.

It’s an interesting debate.  I don’t think there is a right answer – but perhaps there is a better answer based on personality types.

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