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Excel 2007 Dropdown Boxes

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In this post I decided to provide a tutorial on how to add a dropdown box in Microsoft Excel 2007.  It’s incredibly easy and takes just a few seconds.  I love this feature because I go NUTS when data isn’t consistent throughout a spreadsheet, so this dropdown box allows you to limit the options someone has to enter into your spreadsheet.

1.  Open Microsoft Excel 2007

2.  Type your “Key” with the options that you would like to use for the dropdown box

3.  Highlight the area you’d like to apply the drop down box to

4.  Go to the Data tab at the top

5.  Click the Data Validation portion and pull down the options

6.  Again, hit Data Validation

7.  In the “Allow” portion, choose “List”

8.  Click in the “Source” portion then highlight your Key

9.  Hit OK and Voila!

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