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Create a secure password!

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Ok so while the password I have created below and in the video might be a LITTLE too long or complex, it’s the basic concept of utilizing Phrases, Upper/Lower Case letters, numbers, and symbols.  Have fun with it!

Password Creation

  1. One good technique is to take a phrase or quote that you like and use the first syllable of each word. 

Early Bird Gets The Worm – EBGTW


  1. Don’t forget to include lower case/upper case letters



  1. Now add numbers to the beginning, middle, and/or end



  1. Last, change a letter (or two!) to a symbol



And the new password created is



It’s a very simple process to creating an incredibly complex password.  Just be creative and remember the golden rules and what to avoid.  

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  1. Yea! Well done. You are a natural. Try not to cut off the top of your head in the next one 🙂

  2. An easy technique is keyboard patterns, for example p0ol;[-p seems random but typing it on a keyboard it is just making a circle around the letter P.


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