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Cell Phone Security

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1.  Password Protect – I never wanted to password protect my phone for the longest time because I felt that if I lost my phone someone would be able to return it more easily if they could access phone numbers inside.  I quickly changed my mind when smart phone became more prevalent and not only were people losing their phones, but they were stealing phones as well.  Password protect your phone!  This will protect any data you have that resides on your phone.  I don’t want strangers looking up my parents phone number, my friends addresses, and my personal photo albums!

2.  Avoid Sensitive Data – Cell phones are easier to hack that personal computers.  If it isn’t something you wouldn’t want others to steal, do not keep it on your cell phone!  Some people keep password information in a cell phone application – Don’t Do This!  Others keep personal information/addresses/financial data/sensitive data on their phones – Don’t Do This!  Also – fellow GenY’ers – think twice before you take/send a scandalous photo – you never know who can intercept your message.

3.  Encrypt When Possible – Not all cell phones encrypt their data.  Most Smart Phones have applications for encryption (although I have never personally tried these apps).  Find out if your cell phone has encryption abilities.

4.  Voicemail Passwords – Surprisingly, most people don’t utilize passwords for their voicemail accounts.  Did you know that without a voicemail password it is incredibly easy to hack someone’s messages using spoofing software?  True story.  By enabling a password for your voicemail, this can drastically reduce chances of someone hacking your voice messages.

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