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Work Mistakes

I was at work the other day walking back from my lunch break behind another gal who works in my building.  She was wearing a lovely little summer dress that I would have KILLED to be wearing instead of black pants and blazer in the 93 degree heat.  I asked myself, “Why don’t I ever wear anything like that to work??” and then I realized….

Her dress was extremely short!

When we are at work, there are specific expectations of us.  Some are explicitly stated in policies, and some are implied.  This was both explicit and implicit:

1.  Don’t wear a dress that is too too short!  The general rule of thumb is to keep your dress no shorter than just-a-little-above your knee.  Anything shorter than this can either go against policy or send a wrong message.  This can be hard during these wonderful summer months, but avoid the skimpy hem line.

2.  Calendar AM vs PM – Have you ever set up a meeting for 1am?  There was an intern in our office who realized that he had accidentally set up a meeting for 1am.  He didn’t realize until after the meeting was “over do.”  The person he sent the meeting invite never noticed either.  WHOOPS!

3.  Stairs Please – I know there are some mornings that I want to skip the 5 flights of stairs and push the little elevator button, but I try to remember that the remaining 9 hours of my day will be spent sitting at a computer.  Take the stairs if you’re able to – heck, it may even save you time from all of the elevator stops up to the 4th floor.

4.  Be Courteous – Respond to emails – even if you don’t have time to do the work for a specific email, at least respond to the gosh-darned email!!  “I got your email, but I apologize I am completely swamped.  I will have this completed for you by Tuesday end of business day.  Have a great day!”

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  1. I do not know how to feel that I am anonymously featured in a post entitled “Work Mistakes.” I was expecting to be featured in something more along the lines of “Best Intern Ever,” “My Co-Worker is Pumpkin Awesome,” or “Oh Mylanta! He Spilled da Beans Again!” How did it feel to terminate me?!


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