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Grad Student Dilemma Triangle

I have an exam on Wednesday, so naturally I have decided to do ANYTHING except study.  This includes posting a new blog 🙂

I was fortunate enough to skype with my boyfriend the other night.  In the midst of complaining about studying and not having a life, the boyfriend decided to draw me a little diagram (and narrate it in a Russian accent).

Based on his diagram, you can choose 2 (AND ONLY 2) of the following:

  1. Social Life
  2. Sleep
  3. Good Grades

You can have a social life and sleep, but then your grades will suffer.

You can have a social life and good grades, but you’ll need to sacrifice sleep (heck no).

Or you can have sleep and good grades, which results in ZERO social life.

I apparently have chosen the ZERO social life route.

Overworked? My Outdoor Therapy

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We climbed that!

I remember reading an article giving tips to avoid overworking and to recognize signs.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that article anymore.

One of the tips the article mentioned was to USE YOUR PTO in order to prevent workplace burnout.  This really stuck with me – I realized that a day or two off sounded extremely nice and thought I should take the advice of the article.

So I did.

A girlfriend of mine invited me to stay for an extended weekend in Yosemite (in a CABIN!) so I jumped at the chance!  I took two days off work to spend time with some friends in a beautiful National Park.  It never felt better and more rewarding to have been so busy at work (and school) and to reward myself with a nice little jaunt to Yosemite.

It made me realize that PTO really is important to use.  It allows you to catch up on sleep (unless you wake up at 5am for a hike where you got sunburned and every joint in your body hurts from the day’s hike/bush-whacking), revitalize, and gain back needed energy.

I had such a wonderful weekend without cell phone reception and laptops.  Much needed.

4 Quick and Easy Snacks

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One thing that I really have a hard time with during school season is eating healthy.  I justify eating the blue-bagged Doritos with “I’m too busy to eat healthy!”


I thought it would be a good idea to post some easy (healthy) snacks for the business professional or student.  Because I’m no expert about eating healthy, I consulted Camie Cragg – a fitness and health enthusiast.

A little bit about Camie:  Camie lives in Reno, NV – I met her through my boyfriend (who works with her husband).  If you befriend Camie (see links below!) you’ll quickly learn that she is one of the most positive and inspirational people you’ll meet!  Her Twitter profile says it all:  “True ambition to help, guide, consult, push, motivate, educate, inspire a healthy lifestyle! Workout hard & don’t be average!” You can follow Camie on

Twitter (@Camiecragg)

Website/Blog for recipes, work outs, photos and more information at


I probed my mind for the longest time before deciding to consult Camie for some ideas.  When I asked Camie she quickly busted out four easy healthy ideas.  Camie recommended:

  1. Non-Fat Cottage Cheese with Diced Apples and a Sprinkle of Cinnamon – this is quick, easy, and can be prepared the night before.  On a personal note, I like using crushed pineapple (canned) in nonfat cottage cheese – SO YUMMY!  Play around with it!
  2. Protein Shake – fitness staple!  Protein shakes can be easily made in the morning and consumed on your drive to work.  I recently purchased a mini-blender where you can quickly make a smoothie/shake and take it to go in the cup you blended it in.  BRILLIANT!
  3. Greek Plain Yogurt with 1/4 cup Smashed Blueberries – Who doesn’t love greek yogurt and blueberries??!
  4. Small Can of Tuna with Pieces of Fruit or a Handful of Veggies – This is a great item if you don’t have a refrigerator to keep food cold.  I personally like my tuna cold, but it’s not a necessity.

Now – GOOD LUCK!  It’s possible to eat healthy with insanely busy work and school schedules.

What are some quick healthy snacks you are a fan of?  Please share!