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Failure to Fly or Money Smart?

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I was chatting with one of my best friends this past weekend and she came up with a brilliant idea:  She decided that when she has children she is going to encourage them to move back home after college, get their first big-kid job, and SAVE money like crazy.

After crunching some numbers she realized she would have over $70,000 in the bank saved if she hadn’t bought a home (investment), new cars, etc.

I told her that if my parents made that offer there’s no way I would have taken them up on it – I’m too stubborn.  Moving out, to me, means “I’m financially independent baby!”

So now I’m curious – would moving back home after college to save all of your money be a good idea?  Or would this be detrimental to the already-entitled-Gen-Yers in the fact that they really would have everything handed to them on a plate when the generation before us was required to move out, get a job and fend for themselves?  I understand the value of saving money.  I also understand the value of making investments such as home purchases.  So I can’t quite decide if I agree with my friend or not.

Either way – had my parents made that offer to me I would have gladly declined and still moved out on my own to feel like I’m wearing my big kid pants.

Co-workers outside of work

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Have you ever run into a co-worker outside of work and you almost didn’t even RECOGNIZE the person?

I have had this happen on multiple occasions.  I have had 2 real big-kid type of jobs: one where you wear casual clothing to work, and another where you where business formal.

Business formal attire allows you to see the business-work-9-5 personality of a person.  Are they on time?  Do they work hard?  Do they produce results?  But we rarely ever see that person’s personality.  For example – I found out the other day that someone I work with has a child.  I HAD NO IDEA THIS PERSON HAD A CHILD!  It’s really not that big of a deal that she has children, however I felt like a horrible person for not knowing.

It’s easy to think we know our co-workers, but to what extent do we really know them on a personal (not professional) level?  This really becomes relevant when you run into co-workers outside of work.  You notice the clothes they wear, the way they do their hair or makeup, and the people that they’re with.  You see this person every single day and have no idea that they go to the same gym as you, or that they even go to the gym.  You don’t realize they have children or a significant other.

I’m not sure how I feel about this – I am still trying to form an opinion.  I do believe that at work we need to be professional and leave our baggage at the door.  But in order to work effectively in a team environment, shouldn’t you understand your co-workers and the things that make them most productive?  Shouldn’t we know the person working alongside us more than just, “They can draft a report in no-time-flat!”

I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on this topic!

Part 2: Enable HTTPS for your Twitter!

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Last week I wrote a blog post on how to enable HTTPS for your Facebook account.  This week I am going to show you how to EASILY enable HTTPS for your Twitter account.

(P.S. Sorry for the lack of arrows and boxes on my images – I don’t have Snagit for my home computer)

1.  Log in to your account at

2.  Go to your profile area in the top right hand corner and clip the drop down menu

3.  Choose “Settings”

4.  Scroll toward the bottom and make sure “Always use HTTPS” is checked


As you can see, this is incredibly easy!  Make sure you enable as soon as possible! 

Part 1: Enable HTTPS for your Facebook!

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So tonight was embarrassing.

I am OVERLY paranoid about keeping my accounts secure.  My passwords are insane and my privacy settings tend to be high.  When I first found out that twitter offered a secure connection, I enabled it as quickly as possible!

Tonight, however, I realized that my Facebook account has been without HTTPS.  I am CERTAIN I enabled this feature, but regardless it was disabled and an entire class saw my HTTP NOT followed by an “S.”  For me- this is embarrassing.

First thing I did when I got home was change my facebook to enable HTTPS.

For those that don’t know – that little “S” that follows the HTTP means “Secure.”  What this means is that the communication on the network through the webpage is encrypted which makes hacking more difficult (but not impossible).  In a nutshell – use HTTPS as possible as you can.  ESPECIALLY when making an online transaction.

Anyhow, here is the skinny on how to make sure YOUR facebook is secure.

1.  Login to your account

2.  Click on “Account Settings” in the top right hand corner

3.  Choose “Account Security”

4.  Make sure the “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (HTTPS) whenever possible” checkbox is checked!

Gen Y Weaknesses

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I was reading an article from CareerBuilder regarding Generation Y workers.  I found this article so interesting (and true!) that I felt I absolutely needed to share the information/stats and my feedback.

According to the article, communication gaps exist heavily in the workplace due to generational differences.  I realized that I enjoy sending emails as a means of communication because it instantly provides a paper trail.  If someone claims I requested an incorrect due date, I have the ability to pull up my email communication to prove the due date was correct.

I believe communication classes should be required for the school of business.  Granted, at UNR we were required to take a communications class, but I think there needs to be specifically a communication course within the business school to TEACH Gen Y how to communicate with Gen X.  These are the reasons why, according to CareerBuilder, that Gen Yers are in desperate need of learning a thing or two:

  • 49% of employers said that the communication gap between Gen Y and Gen X occurs due to Gen Y’s heavy use to technology as a form of communication
  • 55% of employers over the age of 35 feel Gen Y workers have a more difficult time taking direction or responding to authority than other generations of workers.
  • 74 percent of employers say Gen Y workers expect to be paid more
  • 61 percent say Gen Y workers expect to have flexible work schedules
  • 56 percent say Gen Y workers expect to be promoted within a year (thank you mom, dad, school, society for instilling this in our brains)
  • 50 percent say Gen Y workers expect to have more vacation or personal time (GenY = Me Generation)
  • 37 percent say Gen Y workers expect to have access to state-of-the-art technology

This survey was conducted from June 1 to June 13, 2007 among 2,546 hiring managers and Human Resource professionals across all industries.

Rockstar Powered

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One obstacle I have always had is my inability to stay awake if I’ve had less than 8 hours of sleep.

I’ve DREAMED of the day that I can stay awake throughout the day on a less-than-8-hours-of-sleep kind of day.  This would allow me to stay up later, get more done, and feel more productive!

I have finally found my dream come true

I have found my ability to stay up till midnight and still wake up at 5am

I have found my ability to not head-bob during my after-lunch-crash

I have found:


This is a game changer.

Need for extra hours

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I am horrible at organizing my time.  If I have spare time, I’d love to use it as spare time to catch up on LIFE.  Not laundry.  Not dishes.  Not cleaning.  But LIFE.

With that being said, I often find myself in situations where I feel as though I need an extra 5 hours in a day to get stuff done.  I am one of those people who has-t0-have-8-hours-of-sleep-or-else-I’m-a-crankpot.  No joke.  So if I am awake past 11pm, I’m screwed for the next day.

My boyfriend told me the other day that you have to train your body to need less sleep.

Is that possible?  Can you train yourself to need less sleep?

Misuse of Student Loans

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I might be the worst person to talk about student loans considering I have never had a student loan, however it is something I have been hearing a lot of lately so I wanted to give my two cents.

At the University that I attend for my MBA program, tuition will be greatly increased.  Tuition, per credit, has been increased to $339.50 for College of Business students.  For all other graduate students (excluding Engineering), the cost per credit is only $239.50.

With that being said, many of my peers are even more reliant on Student Loans to pay for their education.  I am fortunate enough to have my parents pay for my education, so I do not have to pay for my grad school.

Student loans can be wonderful for those who need them.  Low interest rates and deferred payments make them an ideal candidate for any student.  What really bothers me is the lack of research that goes into taking out a student loan.  Just because your payments are deferred does not mean you’re not still accruing interest.

Another thing that irks me is when your classmate/friend rolls up in a brand new 2011 Ford Escape.  How did they pay for this?  “I took out a student loan.”  Good for you.  A $12,000 used vehicle would have worked just as well as the $20,000 brand spankin’ new car you just purchased, but what expert am I?

And taking that a step further, what PEEVES me is when someone goes on a shopping spree.  Why?  “I had money left over on my student loan.”  Do people not realize they’re paying the interest for these loans?  Isn’t paying these loans off more ideal than a pair of $60 pumps that look just like the rest?

Did you know that:

  • The average rate of tuition increases at TWICE the rate of inflation.
  • 2/3 of college students have loan debt after graduation
  • Average student loan debt is $42,000 for graduate students
  • You can defer payments up to 3 years after graduation

Resources Used

Federal Student Aid

Student Debt in America

Student Loan Debt

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Appropriate workplace heels

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Having graduated from the College of Business, we were always taught to not look “sexy” at work, but to look professional as women.  Part of this “professional” appearance is the heel size.  I gave presentations where the dress code specifically stated “3 in. max heels.”

I as surprised to find that not everyone receives this training going into the work place.  Several companies even have policies again high-high-heels.  My highest set of work heels are 3 inches, strictly because I’m always scared of getting in trouble or giving the wrong impression.  If I could wear higher – I probably would.  They make my legs look longer which makes me feel more confident.  And isn’t confidence key to because a successful worker?

Confidence is key – yes.

Appearance is also key (one of several keys – in my opinion).

So how high is too high for heels?

I like to believe that anything greater than 3 inches shouldn’t be at work.  Yes, it may prevent you from having to hem your pants (which can add up over time!), however practicality is more important.  I personally stick to black or tan – it’s boring an vanilla but sends the message that I would like to send:  Professional with a touch of girly.

Hooker Pumps – Probably not a good idea.

Outrageous animal print/colors – what message are you sending?

Black (or tan/other neutral colors) with a 1-3″ heel – Professional and Classy


Act like a man

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In my last Saturday class for the MBA program last semester, I had a substitute teacher (see blog post) who dared to bring up the topic of a glass ceiling for women.  Perhaps one day I will write a blog post about my feelings toward the glass ceiling – but today what I would like to share is what this professor said women need to do in order to overcome the glass ceiling.  What he said was not the typical advice I’m used to hearing, nor the advice I wanted to hear.

What he said to the ladies in the class was:

“You need to act like a man.”

I’m still not sure how I feel about this advice.  I know women who are wonderful leaders that do not “act like a man” which is what makes them amazing leaders.  I also know women who shoot-the-shit with the men, don’t-put-up-with-crap like the men, and and tend to dress/look like the men as well.  They’re also amazing leaders.

I’m currently reading a book I received as a gift from my step-dad called, “It’s Always Personal” by Anne Kreamer.  This book has mentioned this same topic a couple of times so far.  I look forward to finishing the book and writing a book review.  When I am done i hope to develop my own opinion regarding this topic.

For now – I am less than impressed by the advice.  I am excited to report back when I finish my book with my new-opinion on this topic.