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I have my big girl pants on – but am I a “real” adult?

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The other day I stumbled upon a blog post from All Groan Up called “I’ll feel like an Adult When…

This realllllly  got me thinking about being a “real” adult.  I don’t look like an adult.  I don’t act like an adult.  But my age deems me as being a “Young Adult.”

  • I pay my bills.
  • I have a mortgage.
  • I have a car payment.
  • I vote.
  • I go to the Doctor’s office alone.
  • My insurance is in my name.
  • I do my own grocery shopping.
  • I have a career-type job.

So when will I feel like I’m an adult?  What dictates that “step” from college-teen to entering adulthood to full-blown-actual adult?  Is it maturity?  Responsibility?  Family?  Either way – I’m not certain I’ll be an adult any time soon.  I have my big girl pants on with responsibilities, work, and bills…

but as long as I still look 18

I will still feel 18

When did you feel like a real adult?

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