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A little goes a long way

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For the past couple of weeks I have been reading a lovely little book called The Power of Small by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval.

I am constantly dwelling on “the small things” possibly a little too much, so I chose to purchase this book to support my dwelling-on-little-things mentality.  I also was hoping that the book would provide some subtle communication tips (either verbal or nonverbal).

I LOVED this book and already have a list of people to lend it to.  It really gave me a different perspective on how a small gesture/random act of kindness can really go a long way.  What I really liked about this book was the surplus of examples provided to depict the picture the author is trying to paint.  I am an examples kind of person, so it helped to understand exactly what the author was trying to explain.  LOVE examples!

The tone of the book is almost informal – the point is simply to explain the idea and supplement that idea with a corresponding example or two.  Mission accomplished.  From small concepts such as simply writing a Thank You note to how a new hair cut could potentially affect the future of your career, there are mini-stories galore to inspire anyone.  I can’t wait for my friends and family to read this book – I think anyone and everyone could benefit from the advice provided to improve our work quality and attitude toward others.

Efficiency vs. Olives and Onions – why I love Jimmy Johns

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I’m one of those people who hates to wait.

  • I dislike waiting on friends who are consistently late
  • I dislike waiting in a “waiting room” passed my scheduled time of an appointment
  • And I dislike wasting a lunch break by spending most of my time waiting on service

This is why I’m a Jimmy Johns fan.

Jimmy Johns understands efficiency and other sandwich shops could learn from their assembly line.

In a typical sandwich shop

  1. You place your order and watch as your sandwich is being made
  2. You proceed down the line to customize your order
  3. You end with the cashier where you explain your order a second time.

At Jimmy Johns

  1. You place order at the cashier
  2. As you place your order, your sandwich is being produced
  3. As you pay for your order, your sandwich is being wrapped
  4. By the time you receive your receipt – the sandwich is ready.

There is close to ZERO waiting time

You walk in

You order

You walk out

I have wasted so much time waiting in line while customers choose, “Yes, I’d like pickles.  Hmm, no olives.  A tiny bit of onions.  This.  That.  These.  Those.”  By allowing such a customized order, this creates a lack of efficiency in the sandwich production.  Customization coupled with the wrong type of assembly line = a long wait for a typical sandwich.

I value efficiency and my time much more than I value olives and onions.

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